If you've moved internationally many times before...

If you've moved internationally many times before you know more or less what to do, and you know what to avoid. For one thing, you know better than to automatically fall for the "Global Brand" solution. Maybe you learned the hard way. Moving is not a commodity, and each move is as different as every family and their different possessions. No single" Global Brand" can provide a single solution globally. Moving is just not that simple. You need a mover that is right for you, and your move. - And remember how the "Working spouse" tends to be on a business trip during the moving process!

Things are changing in the moving industry though. You can expect more from your mover - relocation services in particular: These are all the related services around the household goods move that make for a successful international relocation. So even before you accept your assignment in a new country, your moving company can organize a professional orientation tour to help you decide if the assigment and location is right for you. If so, then express home and school search can be arranged. Once you've decided to move, we can also help with departure services - mail forwarding, home cleaning and refurbishment etc..., even furniture rental if you need to stay in your house a little longer after your furniture has been removed, or at destination, if you want to move into your new home before your own furniture arrives. Ask us what more we can do for you.

If you have not moved before...

Planning your move:

Try to plan early. It is not always possible these days with fast changing plans. Good moving companies should have the size and the local resources to handle your move at short notice. Think from the destination backwards. Start if possible trying to understand what needs to happen in your new home country. Choose your new home, new schools. How big are the homes? Will storage be necessary? What about work permits? Once you have an idea what has to happen at destination you are better placed to make plans for the move out. Remember Summertime is the busiest moving season, especially after schools close for the Summer holidays. Make sure your mover has the full-time professional packers to cope with the high season.

Choosing your moving company:

Don't rely on advertising. Ask your friends and neighbours for references. Get 3 three quotations from reputable companies (make sure they come and do a physical survey of the items to be moved) and compare quotes "Apple-to-apple." Did they all estimate the same volume/weight? Is one cheaper because they underestimated the volume/weight? Are they all providing the same services? Ask for, and check references. Do they have international moving experience? Ask to meet the some of the crew who will do your packing - do they speak English? Do they work to a quality standard? Do they have FAIM? (FIDI accredited international mover). Importantly - who is going to perform the delivery services at destination? Beware of the "Global Brand" solution. Just because they claim to have their own office at destination, does not mean it is a good office. But they have to use it - because they are the same company. Make sure the mover at destination is the best possible choice to do the job.

Ask for other helpful relocation services:

Good movers these days can help in all the other areas of your total relocation: Departure services - mail forwarding, home cleaning and refurbishing, furniture rental etc... Orientation tours at your new posting. Express home search worldwide. School search. Arranging work permits and visas. And more...

In conclusion, take the choice seriously. Remember: The bigger the family, the bigger the move, the bigger the need for a better moving service. We at Universal Express believe we provide the best of both worlds - excellent and wide-ranging services at origin, along with the assurance of the most professional services from our hand-picked, performance driven colleagues at destination. Like you, we have choice, and can choose the best at destination.